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Getting on the Bid List

The Township of Evesham’s Purchasing Bureau maintains a bid mailing list for most of the products and services that it purchases.

When a vendor completes and sends in a Bid Mailing List Application, the vendor is placed on the mailing list. For Service, Supply and Equipment bids, registered vendors receive bids for the product or service in the areas of interest indicated. For Public Works bids, vendors receive the notices of advertised bids, not the actual bids. All bids are advertised in the official Township newspaper, the Central Record.

As errors sometimes occur in the mailing lists and delays can occur through the mails, receiving notice of a bid opportunity in time to bid is not guaranteed. All vendors should consult the list of advertised bids published in the newspaper.

Application Process

The Bid Mailing List Application packet provides vendors with basic information on what goods and services the Township buys. The application requests that the vendor furnishes certain company identification information that the Purchase Bureau then enters into the vendor database.

To be placed on the bid mailing list, vendors should contact the Purchase Bureau to request an application packet.

Companies should notify the Purchase Bureau in writing if any information provided in the application changes.

The Purchasing Department has several types of bids and methods of making purchases.

Formal bids are competitive bids for procurements involving Services, Supplies or Equipment that exceed $17,500 or Public Works, e.g., construction work. These types of bids are generally required to be advertised in local newspapers for a specified period before the bid opening.

These are bids for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or improvement of a public building, property, street, bridge, highway or sewer.

Informal bids are for procurements $17,500 and under. Operating departments can directly solicit for goods and services $17,500 and under. For these purchases, departments are required to obtain competitive quotations.

Bids offer bidders the opportunity to provide goods and/or services on Township property.

Bids offer "as is" surplus Township equipment or supplies to the highest bidder.

Surplus Property Bids
Concession Bids
Small Order Purchases
Public Works Bids
Advertised bids
Types of Bids
Bid Mailing List