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Evesham Township creates new Community Celebrations Committee to streamline community events and help attract event sponsorships

Amazing community celebrations have always been an undeniable pride and joy for the residents of Evesham Township.

Now Evesham Township is proud to announce yet another way for residents to help make Evesham’s community events even better with the formation of the Evesham Township Community Celebrations Committee.

The Community Celebrations Committee will streamline the scheduling and management of any community events that are planned and hosted directly by the municipality throughout the year.

In addition, the Community Celebrations Committee will have the ability to raise funds from donors and solicit sponsorships for events. This will further minimize the cost impact of the township’s events and celebrations.

Evesham Township will have specific sponsorship information available soon on the township website.

“Our community events are only going to get better and better thanks to our new Community Celebrations Committee,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “The group will further our work to foster a sense of community pride within the township, and we’ll build even more partnerships between our local businesses and community organizations.”

Ever since the initial wave of the COVID pandemic subsided, residents’ desire to meet with their friends and neighbors at community events has been at an all-time high.

The appetite for community events has been so strong that it’s led the township to add even more township-sponsored events in recent years, including a Wellness Expo, Juneteenth Celebration, Autism Awareness Color Run, LGBTQ+ Pride Event, Cultural Day, Senior Citizen Expo and more.

With so many events to plan and schedule, the new Community Celebrations Committee will take a holistic view concerning the logistics of Evesham’s annual celebrations. This will ensure resources are allocated in the most efficient method possible and ensure events are scheduled throughout the year in a manner where each event can by fully enjoyed by residents.

Members of the new committee can also serve as liaisons to any organizations separate from the municipality that may already regularly coordinate with township officials to host their own community events throughout the year.

For example, this includes well-known groups such as the nonprofit Evesham Celebrations Foundation for its annual Fourth of July Parade and Harvest Fest event, or the Marlton Relay of Life for its yearly Relay event hosted every June.

With Evesham Township’s Community Celebrations Committee in place, nonprofits and volunteer groups will have one convenient and comprehensive committee within the township that can offer assistance to these external groups when they need to coordinate for the planning of their own great events.

The Community Celebrations Committee will be formed with a mix of township staff, police and fire officials, representatives of the township’s various advisory boards and volunteer residents who want to give back to their community.

As outlined by township resolution, members of the Community Celebration Committee shall specifically consist of the following:

  • Mayor or his/her designee;
  • Township Clerk or his/her designee;
  • Fire Marshall or his/her designee shall serve as a nonvoting liaison to the Committee;
  • Township Police Chief or his/her designee shall serve as a nonvoting liaison to the Committee;
  • Township Manager and/or his/her designee shall serve as a nonvoting liaison to the Committee;
  • Chairperson of the Township Economic Advisory Council or his/her designee;
  • Chairperson of the Human Rights Advisory Council or his/her designee;
  • Chairperson of the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee or his/her designee;
  • Chairperson of the Disability and Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee or his/her designee; and
  • Seven members of the community, selected by the Mayor.