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Evesham Township Council introduces 2022 Municipal Budget that maintains a flat municipal tax rate

2022 Budget Intro PowerPoint Copy


Mayor Jaclyn Veasy and Township Council have introduced the 2022 Municipal Budget that once again maintains a flat municipal tax rate for Evesham residents.

The proposed budget will also maintain the township’s current level of municipal services. Police, Public Works, Parks, Administrative Offices and all other departments will continue providing the same high-quality services that residents have come to expect.

In addition, for the first time since 2013, the introduced 2022 budget will not require any transfer of Open Space funds to support operations at the municipally-owned Indian Spring Golf Course, due in part to the course’s strong fiscal year in 2021.

“This is my fourth year serving as Mayor, and I’m proud to say this is the fourth consecutive budget I’ve been able to present with a stable municipal tax rate for our residents,” Mayor Veasy said. “We work hard to always look for new efficiencies and new ways of providing services, and I’m grateful that our residents can continue to benefit.”

The proposed 2022 budget will be set at $42.9 million in total appropriations, with a proposed municipal tax rate of 0.423 cents per $100 of assessed property value. This is the same rate from 2021.

For the average Evesham residence assessed at $272,197, this will result in an annual municipal levy of about $1,151 per year.

Using the most readily available 2021 figures for comparison, Evesham’s 2022 municipal levy will still rank below the average for all municipalities in Burlington County ($1,418), and well below the average for all municipalities in the state ($2,471). 

Similar to past years, Evesham’s proposed budget will be funded from just 14 percent of what residents pay in their total property tax bill. The remaining 86 percent of residents’ property tax bills will be distributed to other local taxing entities (such as the local school district, regional school district, fire district, county, etc.)

For just 14 percent of a resident’s total property tax bill, Evesham Township is able to provide all municipal services for the year, including policing, trash collection, road repairs, recreation services, snow removal, leaf/brush collection, operations of the construction office, planning and zoning, the Clerk’s Office, senior services, township events and more.

Evesham Council has also outlined the township’s 2022 Capital Budget.

Carefully planned capital budgets allow Evesham Township to evenly spread the cost of large asset acquisitions over the useful life of those assets. By maintaining a level amount of capital expenses from one budget cycle to the next, the township can provide a level debt service from year to year and make a stable tax rate more attainable.

“It’s our job as elected officials to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars by making the right investments at the right time,” Deputy Mayor Heather Cooper said. “Smart planning allows us to save our residents money in the long-term, while still providing the same great services and facilities our residents deserve.”

For the 2022 proposed Capital Budget, Evesham will fund $5 million in General Capital Expenses, which is in line with the $5.25 million Capital Budget the township passed in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of $3.15 million is planned to continue the township’s annual road program, as well as the rehabilitation of the Mayfair Stormwater Basin.

Another $1.25 million is planned for equipment and vehicle purchases, with notable purchases including five police cruisers and one police ATV, IT network hardware and rugged tablets for police vehicles, one side loading automated trash truck, one rear loading trash truck, and three F250 & F350 pickup/mini dump trucks for DPW.

A total of $600,000 has been planned for facility improvements, including a retractable partition for the main hall of the Gibson House Community Center, a security vestibule for the police department, and HVAC work and water infiltration mitigation for the municipal building.

In addition to the General Capital Expenses outlined above, Evesham Township has also has planned $1.485 million in facility improvements and equipment acquisition for the Indian Spring Golf Course.

Of note, this work at the golf course will have no impact to the taxpayers. Fees generated from the operation of the golf course will be dedicated to the funding, along with the utilization of $500,000 of Capital Fund Balance already on hand.

Plans include a new driving range / concession building, which would include a “mini-pro shop”, and an area for light refreshments with seating, as well as new ball machines. Other work at the golf course would include Tee reconstruction, Green’s Fans and a water fountain for the pond.

Finally, $1.77 million is planned for open space and recreation improvements.

No debt is being authorized for these improvements/acquisitions, which will instead be fully self-funded through 2021’s approved Open Space Referendum. This approach saves on future debt service costs.

Funds will go toward playground improvements, field lighting upgrades and replacements and walking paths.