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Evesham Township awarded $1 million grant for sidewalk improvements under NJ DOT’s 2022 Safe Streets to Transit Program


Evesham Township is proud to announce the township has been awarded a $1 million grant for sidewalk improvements under the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s 2022 Safe Streets to Transit Program. This $1 million grant is the largest award announced by the NJ DOT for this year’s program.

Evesham Township will use the funds to design, engineer and ultimately build 1.5 miles of sidewalk in any missing areas along Evesham’s North Maple Avenue, which would fully connect the heavily-traveled East Greentree Road to Evesham Township’s downtown center along East Main Street.

This corridor along North Maple Avenue is well-known as a much-used route for residents to access NJ Transit bus service (Route 406), which offers service to major employment and educational centers within the New Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

“This project will create safer conditions for Evesham’s residents as they travel to and from the pedestrian transit stops located along North Maple Avenue,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “On behalf of our nearly 50,000 residents, I want to personally thank the NJ DOT for this $1 million grant. Our residents will undoubtedly benefit from these sidewalk improvements, both as a safety measure and means to boost the township’s economic opportunities.”

This improvement project is also aligned with Evesham’s 2021 Downtown Vision Plan, which seeks to create a more pedestrian-friendly streetscape when traveling to and from the downtown area on Main Street.

The project will also help advance the township’s goal of improving both the township’s environmental health, as well as residents’ personal health, by providing alternative methods of travel throughout the township, namely walking or bicycling

The township’s local economy will also benefit with better connectivity from several highly-populated neighborhoods to the many local businesses, shops, and restaurants in the area, including those in the downtown area along Main Street

Furthermore, one out of every 10 residents living within Evesham Township personally identifies as experiencing a disability, meaning this project will also help Evesham Township accomplish a highly-prioritized goal of identifying and improving the safe accessibility of transit for residents of all ages and abilities.

Evesham Township is one of 19 municipalities across nine counties to receive a grant under the 2022 Safe Streets to Transit Program, which awarded a combined total of $8.6 million to this year’s recipients. This year’s total grants represent the largest amount of funds provided in a single year for the Safe Streets to Transit Program.

Projects are awarded on a competitive basis, taking into consideration proximity to a transit facility, safety, accessibility, project need and applicant’s past performance using other Local Aid funds.

The program encourages transit users to walk to transit stations, and facilitates the implementation of projects and activities that will improve pedestrian conditions near transit facilities or stations.