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Evesham 2021 Downtown Vision Plan to provide framework for enhancing Main Street and surrounding area

Vision Plan


A vibrant and economically robust downtown is a major benefit for any community. With that in mind, Evesham Township officials are excited to announce that the 2021 Downtown Vision Plan has been adopted by the township's planning board.

The 2021 Downtown Vision Plan outlines planning recommendations that would enhance Main Street’s continued evolution into a more active center of community life and could even establish the area as an identifiable landmark throughout the region.

For the plan to be a true community effort, Evesham Township held open house events to gather input from hundreds of residents and business owners regarding the open space, land use and circulation patterns the community wanted to see most for the downtown.

Township officials have since been committed to working with planners to introduce even more new ideas and designs to the 2021 Downtown Vision Plan, with the final goal of creating a framework that could truly make the dreams of residents and business owners a reality.

The Evesham Township Planning Board used its meeting on Jan. 21 to hear further from members of the public before officially adopting the Downtown Vision Plan as a sub-plan to the Land Use Plan Element of the municipal Master Plan.

“As both Mayor and a member of the planning board, I’m incredibly proud to say the township now has the 2021 Downtown Vision Plan in place to help guide our efforts to strengthen Main Street and make the downtown even more attractive for our residents and businesses,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “Although the ideas and designs outlined for the downtown are only recommendations, this guide will help the township continue to identify potential opportunities for enhancement as redevelopment occurs.”