Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30


984 Tuckerton Road
Marlton, NJ 08053

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality service to all residents equally in the most efficient and responsive manner possible with a skilled team of employees and volunteers dedicated to the needs of our residents and committed to excellence, fiscal responsibility and professional management.

Statement of Core Values

In order to advance the Evesham Township’s municipal mission statement, Team Evesham members will be guided by the following principles:

1. REVERENCE FOR INTEGRITY & HONESTY: Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships, truthfulness in communications, and observance of ethical guidelines contained in State law, the municipal code and internal policies in order to merit the respect of the public for the Team.

2. PROFESSIONALISM IN PUBLIC SERVICE: Honor our positions through civility and decorum in our interactions with fellow Team members, residents and officials.

3. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Make it a duty to continually improve one’s abilities and help develop the competence of associates on the Team. Develop and communicate benchmarks for as many functions and tasks as possible to demonstrate the careful use of public resources.

4. RESPECT FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS & REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT: Recognize that elected representatives of the people are entrusted with the establishment of local government policies and priorities while execution of said policies rests with the Team.

5. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Seek continuously to find ways to maximize the use of resources provided by the taxpayers and thoroughly clarify and communicate Team priorities.

6. SENSE OF FAIRNESS: Recognize the chief function of local government is to serve the best interest of all the people. As a professional organization, we guard our reputation for the impartial delivery of public services.

7. PROBLEM SOLVING ATTITUDE: Maintain a constructive, cooperative, creative and practical attitude toward the affairs of the local government and challenges facing the Team.

8. HONOR FOR CHAIN OF COMMAND: Recognize each Team member is entitled to a clear set of expectations and explanation of methods delivered by a properly qualified supervisor along the chain of command. Team members honor the chain of command by respecting each other’s professional responsibilities.

9. DIGNIFIED CONDUCT: Recognize the personal conduct of Team members, both on and off the job, is inseparable from the Team’s professional and ethical reputation and has a direct relationship on the dignity and worth placed on public service and local government by the general public.

10. VALUE LOYALTY: Prize loyalty to the Team’s mission and believe this requires: (1) a duty to look out for the welfare of Team members and resources; (2) a responsibility to communicate effectively in order to identify better ways to meet the mission; and (3) carry a deep sense of respect for the private resources provided by residents to achieve the mission.