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Evesham Township condemns senseless murders in Atlanta and rising intolerance against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities

“Evesham Township stands with the City of Atlanta and the surrounding area as they are forced to confront yesterday’s tragic and senseless murders – acts of violence that left eight people dead, including six victims who were Asian women.
As we have seen this past year, hate crimes have been on the rise against members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
Members of these communities have been attacked both physically and verbally, and they have been wrongly scapegoated during this ongoing pandemic.
There is never a reason for such vicious expressions of intolerance. There is no place for this hatred in Evesham, our state or our country. I said this earlier this week after participating in the global Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism, and I say it again now.
Only by coming together with a message of love, respect and acceptance can we push back against the hate that keeps poisoning our nation.
I know Evesham will continue to stand strong against this evil.”
- Mayor Jaclyn Veasy