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Construction - Certificate of Occupancy

Procedures for Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

The State New Jersey Uniform Construction Code, at NJAC 5:23-2.23, requires that the applicant for a construction permit (where a certificate of occupancy is required) shall not occupy a building or structure, or any part thereof, until a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the Construction Official.

To qualify for a certificate of occupancy, the permit holder shall:

  • Complete the scope of work authorized by the construction permit and all conditions of the construction permit;
  • Complete the scope of work authorized by other approval agencies as part of the prior approval process;
  • Submit an application for a certificate of occupancy (Form No. UCC F270) completed in its entirety. The application must be accompanied by the following documents at minimum:

For residential development:

  • As-built construction plans if work deviates from approved plans;
  • Copy of Certificate of Compliance issued by the Soils Conservation District;
  • Copy of final survey showing location of improvements, final grades, clearing limits, easements, elevation of lowest and finished first floor, location of wetlands and or flood plains lines;
  • Copy of homebuilders warranty Certificate of Participation;
  • Proof of water meter installation (if public water) from the Municipal Utilities Authority;
  • Proof of water test approved by County Health Department (if private well);
  • Copy of septic system approval by Health Department;
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration for multi-family occupancies (apartments, hotels and motels).

For non-residential development:

  • A copy of as-built plans if work deviates from approved plans;
  • Copy of letter or certificate of approval from all Prior Approval agencies including:
  • Soil Conservation District Certificate of Compliance;
  • Letter of substantial completion from Township Engineer;
  • Letter of substantial completion from Township Planner;
  • Certification of substantial completion from all governmental agencies, not mentioned above, having jurisdiction over the project.
  • Refer to the construction permit checklist for other prior approvals required at that time;
  • Water Meter installation verification from the Municipal Utilities Authority;
  • Proof of receipt of food handlers license from the Evesham Township Municipal Clerk. This is required for food establishments;
  • A certified test and balance report of the HVAC system(s) for office and educational type occupancies in Class I & II buildings;
  • Proof that performance bonds have been posted if a Site Plan Agreement (in lieu of a bond) was filed at time of permit.

A certificate of occupancy will be issued within 10 business days after a complete application has been filed therefor and all construction inspections have been made and approved, provided all fees including Mandatory Development Fees (if applicable) and outstanding penalties have been paid.

Approval to install shelving or furnishings may be granted prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy upon the request of the applicant after all of the construction inspections have been made and approved.

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued in cases when the applicant cannot complete a specific portion of the work prior to occupancy. The application requesting a TCO shall contain a list enumerating the outstanding items and the estimated time for their completion. A copy of the appropriate governmental agency recommending issuance of a TCO must be attached to the request.

In the case of multi-tenant buildings, a Certificate of Occupancy for the building shell (including all common areas) shall be issued prior to issuance of a C.O. for a tenant space.

**To obtain a certificate for change of occupancy for residential resale and/or rental units, please contact the Evesham Township Fire Department.