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 kohl sm

Superintendent of PW
Deputy Township Manager

Tom Kohl

Assistant Superintendent
Mike Grossman

Supervisor of Roads
Jason Anderson

Supervisor of Sanitation
Mark Bassett

Supervisor, Division of Fleet Services
Mike Owsiak

Supervisor, Division of Municipal Property
Jim Balfour

Public Works
501 Evesboro-Medford Road
Marlton, N.J.08053

Fax:  856-988-1873

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Office Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm Monday thru Friday 

Yard Hours: 8:00am-3:00pm Monday thru Friday 8:00am-1:00pm Saturday



  1. Residents may place bulk trash items at the curb for pick-up on their first trash collection day in the months of January, April, October, and on their second trash collection day in the month of July ***Please Note: Bulk trash collection for the month of July has been changed to the second trash collection day of July. All other quarterly bulk collection (January, April, & October) will not be affected by this change. Please place bulk items at the curb, away from the regular refuse containers and any other obstacle. Residents may also bring bulk trash to the Public Works Facility at 501 Evesboro-Medford Road during the following times: Monday-Friday 8am-3pm, and Saturday 8am to 1pm.Bulk Trash includes items such as plastic bags of trash, extra trash cans, and furniture.
  2. “Non-bulk” items**, (bulk does not include):
  • Grass clippings, leaves or Brush (tree limbs or logs)
  • Metal items (such as washer, dryers, refrigerators, lawnmowers, exercise equipment, metal poles, bed frames, grills, microwaves, etc.). Please use our Appliance or Metal Form. Please call Public Works for a scheduled pick-up of these items. 856-983-2798 x 6910. We provide a monthly curbside pickup of metal items and there is no fee for this service.
  • Electronic equipment, such as televisions, computers monitors, solar panels and anything with an electrical plug or rechargeable batteries
  • Hazardous materials, such as paint, pesticides and motor oil are not included in bulk.
  • Used Clothes, textiles, shoes, belts, purses, curtains, bedding can be dropped off at the Public Works Recycling Center. Receipts available.
  • Construction Debris, such as any remodeling/building materials, roofing materials, carpets, flooring, fencing and pressure treated wood. Residents are encouraged to investigate and make use of options such as dumpster services, Bagster disposal or other debris removal services for the handling of waste generated during construction projects.
  • Tires (There is a nominal fee for the disposal of tires. A maximum of five (5) tires may be brought to the Public Works yard for disposal during regular business hours. Payment may be made by cash or check in our Public Works office.) For more information, please call 856-983-2798 x 6910.

**“Non-bulk” items, including small and limited amounts of construction debris, can be brought to the Public Works yard for disposal. Please contact the Public Works office for more information about hazardous waste and construction debris guidelines, 856-983-2798 x 6910.

3.  If you have any questions about bulk trash or any of Public Works services, please call our office, 856-983-2798 x 6910.

Quarterly Bulk Pickup Schedule 2019







Mon. 7

Wed. 2

Thurs. 3

Fri. 4


Mon. 1

Tues. 2

Wed. 3

Thurs. 4


Mon. 8

Tues. 9

Wed. 10

Thurs. 11


Mon. 7

Tues. 1

Wed. 2

Thurs. 3

* Bulk collection is on the first collection day of the months January, April & October,
the second collection day of July.  Bulk dates may be adjusted due to a holiday.


To request bulk trash collection outside of the standard collection times, please view guidelines on our website for Special Bulk Collection.