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Tax Collector
Kathy Merkh


Tax Collector's Office
984 Tuckerton Road
Marlton, NJ 08053
2nd Floor, Room 202

Phone: 856-983-2900
            Ext. 2031
Fax:  856-983-2902

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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm


Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Collector

FAQs - Tax Collector

No, interest is calculated from the original due date until the date we receive payment.

You should use the "Advice Copy" to pay future taxes. Please notify the Tax Collector’s Office at 984 Tuckerton Road, in writing, when you do become responsible for paying your own taxes.

Immediately, in writing, notify the Tax Collector’s Office at 984 Tuckerton Road. Include your block and lot, the mortgage company’s name and loan number, and your telephone number.

The upper left-hand corner of your tax bill explains the breakdown of each taxing district and the amount of taxes the Township collects for them.

Each entity prepares a budget. The amount of these budgets determines the amount of taxes collected.

Once a year. 

You may register for reminders using our Tax Reminder email subscription form. Please keep in mind that these reminders are not tied to the actual billing system, so you will receive the reminder even if you've already paid your taxes.