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Karen McMahon

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Tony Colavecchio

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2nd Floor. Room 203

Phone: 856-983-2900
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Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Assesssor

FAQs - Tax Assesssor

You can ESTIMATE your taxes by multiplying your final sales price by the sales ratio.

Multiply this figure by the current years tax rate for an ESTIMATE of taxes. Example: You’re buying a newly constructed house in the year 2015 for $250,000. Homes are assessed at market value.  250,000 x .02669 = $6,672.50 estimated taxes.

You can get this information at the NJ Assessment Records Search.  You can search by Owner's name, property location or block and lot.

Reassessment is a program undertaken to appraise each property within the Township to reflect a full and fair value, which is the price the property would sell for in a fair and bona fide sale.

Changes in characteristics of the parcel or neighborhood; fluctuations in the economy; improvements completed without permits; changes in style; market pressure (supply and demand).

It is the price at which the property would sell in a fair and bona fide sale.

Inspection of exterior and interior of all structures. (The homeowner can deny the inspector access to the interior but then the inspector will be forced to estimate the inside value of your home); measuring all structures; photographing the outside of all structures; study of recent sales in your area; income producing capability, if a rental unit; all information is then collated for a Certified Tax Assessor to set the full and fair value.

Assessment notification postcards are mailed annually between January 10th and February 15th.

Assessment informal reviews are made between October 1st and November 30th if a property owner provides market information for consideration.  An inspection of the property is normally required.  Foreclosure and Short Sales are not considered arms-length transactions.

After assessment notification cards are mailed, the formal appeal process is the only course of review.

The tax rate is determined by dividing the levy (amount of money needed to be raised through property taxes to support county government, school districts, fire district and township) by the total assessed valuation of properties in the Township.

Tax assessments are based on the market value of your property. Direct Sales Comparison, Cost and Income Approaches are used to determine market value.