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Frequently Asked Questions - Public Works

FAQs - Public Works

Property owners are responsible for maintenance and/or removal of curbside trees. DPW will remove a tree only if it is considered a danger to public safety, such as a dead tree. If a tree is lifting the sidewalk and creating a trip hazard, the township offers a Shared Service Program whereas the township will incur the cost of removing the tree, stump and affected roots if the property owner agrees to replace the sidewalk with new concrete. 

Shade Tree Complaint form

To expedite the process of having a street light maintained, residents are asked to contact the electric utility company who supplies power in that area. The electric utility companies are responsible for and maintain the street lights throughout most of the town. To determine the correct electric utility company that needs to be contacted, it is the same electric utility company that supplies power for the residential and commercial properties in the area of the light that is out. For example, if the light is out on your street, contact the utility company that supplies electric power to your home. Evesham has two suppliers, PSE&G and Atlantic City Electric.

Please use the links below to contact the correct utility company for maintenance on street lights. It will be helpful to have a nearby street address and the closest intersecting street available when reporting. It is also important to have the pole number when reporting. The pole number will be stated on a metal tag that is fastened to the pole.

PSEG - Street Light Outage or call (800) 436-7734

Atlantic City Electric - Street Light Outage or call (800) 642-3780

In January of 2012, in an effort to improve efficiency and maximize resources, the Township restructured monthly bulk trash collection and moved to a quarterly bulk trash collection schedule. During select dates in January, April, July and October, the Public Works Department
will send out trucks through each neighborhood to pick up items that are too large to be removed as part of the automated trash collection process. See more information here. Our goal with this change is to maximize the value of the labor hours and fuel usage.  The value occurs for the taxpayers when an item is being removed, not when we are spending resources driving to the next item to collect.  By moving to quarterly collections, the Township will eliminate a great deal of waste associated with traveling Township streets where no bulk items have been left for removal.  The resources we save will be reinvested to improve the quality of other Public Works core functions such as leaf collection, maintenance of roads, and drainage facilities.

To accommodate those residents who wish to dispose of bulk trash in addition to the quarterly collection period, the Township now offers a special request bulk collection service. Beginning on April 16 2012, the Department of Public Works will begin providing a special request or an as needed collection service of bulk trash for the residents of Evesham. Starting that date, residents who have a need for a bulk trash collection at a time outside of the regularly scheduled collection dates can contact the Public Works Department to take advantage of this service. This is a fee based service with a minimal service charge of $45.00 for each requested collection. To schedule collection, residents may simply contact Public Works during normal business hours at 856-983-2798 ext. 6910. To expedite the scheduling process and provide residents with additional payment options online payment is also available. Once payment has been received by the Public Works Department, the collection will be scheduled to be completed within five (5) working days. For additional information about this new expanded program, please contact the Evesham Public Works Department at 856-983-2798 ext. 6910.

There are many ways you can keep your streets and sidewalks safe and clear during snow removal by following these steps:

  • Once a street has been plowed, do not shovel or use a snow blower to place snow back on the street. This is a major safety hazard, and is prohibited by our Township Ordinance. When shoveling or removing snow from your driveway or walk, place the snow off onto the adjacent yard or plant strip. 
  • When it starts to snow, park your vehicle off the street. This protects the car from being splashed with slush and salt, and prevents the car from being plowed in. 
  • Check that your mailbox and post are in good repair and that they are behind the curb, not leaning out over the street. 
  • If there is a fire hydrant in front of your home, please try to clear the snow around the hydrant. It is there for your protection and that of your neighbors. 
  • Please remove portable basketball hoops from the street right of way. If they are left in an area where they can be damaged by our snow removal operations, we will not be responsible for any damage. 


Although crews do not place snow in front of driveways on purpose, there is no practical way for the snow plow operator to cut off the window of snow when crossing a driveway. This problem is especially acute in cul-de-sacs because of the confined space. Cul-de-sacs require that all of the snow that is on the roadway within that confined space be placed along the outside of the circle. The problem is compounded by the fact that each homeowner then must clear their driveway, which places large piles on the corners of the drives. 


One thing you can do to reduce the amount of snow that is plowed in front of your driveway is to place as much of the snow as possible to the right side of your drive, as you face the street. This reduces the chance of snow previously removed from the driveway being pushed back onto your drive. This suggestion, may not work in cul-de-sacs that have driveway openings placed close together. 

Residents of Evesham are provided with one green colored automated trash container per household, limited to pre-approved automated collection areas within the township. Residents who have automated trash collection may purchase up to (2) more carts if they feel an additional cart is necessary. The fee to purchase an addition cart is $75 each. After purchasing, residents may pick-up resident may pick up their cart at the Evesham Municipal Services Complex located at 100 Sharp Road.  For additional information please call 856-983-2798 x6910.

To purchase an additional container online click here

You can mail your check to our Evesham Municipal Building at 984 Tuckerton Road, Attn: Public Works and the container will be delivered to you. You may also stop by the Evesham Municipal Services Complex with your check during business hours (M-F 8am-4pm), and take the container home with you.

Bulk trash is defined as items too big to fit in the container which cannot be recycled. (Box spring, mattress, etc). 

For more information on Bulk Trash Collection and Removal, click here.

To obtain a blue recycling container, please call the Public Works
Office at (856)983-2798 ext. 6910. You may also go to the Public Works Facility
at 501 Evesboro-Medford Road (Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm) to obtain another recycling

Hazardous household waste such as paint cans, paint thinners, etc can be brought by residents to the Public Works facility (501 Evesboro-Medford Road) between 8am-1pm on the first Saturday of every month. 

For more information on how to schedule pick-up for appliances/metal, please visit our "Appliances/Metal Collection" page.