Fair Share Affordable Housing

Evesham Township has entered into a Fair Share Settlement Agreement establishing its cumulative Third Round affordable housing obligation and the means to satisfy the obligation.  The Township has adopted a Housing Element and Fair Share Plan outlining how the obligation will be satisfied and has prepared implementing ordinances and other program documents .  A compliance hearing is scheduled for May 27, 2020.  The legal notice below provides details about the compliance hearing.  The Housing Element and Fair Share Plan and the supporting documents below provide details about the Township's plan to satisfy its affordable housing obligations (also referred to as fair share obligations or Mount Laurel obligations). 

Title Created Date Download
2020-0414 Leagal Notice Final Compliance Hearing for 5272020 04-23-2020
Housing Element and Fair Share Plan 04-14-2020
Evesham Affordable Housing Sites Map -- October 2018 04-14-2020
Appendix A- Evesham Township Prior Round Chart-showing compliance in 1999 04-14-2020
Appendix AA-Agreement for Payment in Lieu of Taxes for Evesham Senior Apartments 04-14-2020
Appendix AAA- Resolution 431-2014 Designating Municipal Housing Liaison 04-14-2020
Appendix B-Evesham Township Prior Round Chart with shifted Compliance for 2018 04-14-2020
Appendix BB- Pro forma and project schedule for Evesham Senior Apartments 04-14-2020
Appendix BBB- Administrative Agent Policies and Procedures Manual 04-14-2020
Appendix C- Evesham Township Third Round Compliance Table 04-14-2020