Contact Information

Director of Golf, Recreation and Open Space

Bob Hennefer, PGA
856-983-0222, ext 6104

Director of Township Agronomy

Jeremy Hreben, GCSAA
856-983-0222, ext 6106

Superintendent of Sports Turf and Open Space

Rich Kerr
856-983-0222, ext 6114

Indian Spring Golf Course Head Professional

Curtis Kirkpatrick, PGA
856-983-0222, ext 6102

Recreation Programs Manager

Stephanie Morze
856-983-0222, ext 6105

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The Department of Recreation and Open Space aims to enhance the enjoyment of all recreation and open space activities for the residents of Evesham Township. Our goals are to provide the residents with first class recreational programs and facilities to strengthen the community. The department aims to implement programs and procedures that will enhance your enjoyment at the Indian Spring Golf Course, enhance recreation programs for Evesham Residents and improve the parks, playgrounds and open space areas so all residents and guests can benefit and enjoy.

Our major focus is to promote a healthy and active community. We hope to provide programs, events and activities and to maintain Open Space and Recreation Facilities to enhance the quality of life for Evesham residents of all ages. We are committed to meet or exceed facility expectations by providing fast, friendly and helpful services. The department offers summer activities and camps for pre-schoolers to teens including golf. The current programs being offered are listed under the appropriate categories.

The Recreation and Open Space department maintains Township parks, playgrounds, athletic fields and courts, the Indian Spring Golf Course and open space areas. The department administers and grants permits for the use of all township athletic services.

The Recreation offices are located at Indian Spring Golf Course, upstairs across from the banquet and catering office. The office hours are from 7am to 3pm, Monday through Friday. The Open Space division is also located at Indian Spring Golf Course and the hours are from 6am to 3pm Monday through Saturday. The Indian Spring Golf Course and pro shop is open 7 days per week, more details can be found at